A Well Designed Website is Critical for the Success of Your Business

Today with the different software available, almost anyone can build website for his or her business. Software gives users step-by-step tasks to follow to build the site. The task is not all that complicated. Nevertheless, just because someone can build a website does not mean they can also design it. A great deal goes into having a website … [Read more...]

Online Shopping Cart Options

With the Olympics right around the corner many businesses in London are bolstering themselves for the influx of tourist that will be visiting our shores. Events as grand as this usually lead to a major boost for local companies, with record profits being recorded from the sheer volume of new customers that visit the shops. The problem (if it can be … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Your WordPress Blog or Website

WordPress is without a doubt the most popular blogging platform on the web. It's easy to use, relatively secure, very extensible and best of all free. Unfortunately, it's not optimized for search engines terribly well out of the box. The URLs that it generates don't have any keywords in them. There's no way to customize titles and meta-data on a … [Read more...]