Five Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a challenge for any company. Subscribers no longer read their emails just on their desktop computers, but on phones, iPads and other devices. With those different devices, the emails must make an immediate impact on the reader. This list of five email marketing tips may help you to turn readers into buyers. 1. Keep the … [Read more...]

2013 NFL Playoff Preview

With just a few weeks left in the NFL's regular season it's time to think playoffs. The field of teams is far from set and in today's era of parity where low seeded teams have begun setting a trend of emerging from the field as Super Bowl champs, it makes picking a top bet difficult. But there are teams that look strong heading into the post … [Read more...]

The Best Virtual Machine Security Solutions

There are a lot of different security measures that are taken on networks, but with new cloud services becoming more popular, there is a new need for virtual machine security, which is sometimes forgotten. This is why there are products such as DeepSecurity: virtual machine security. There are a lot of issues when it comes to virtualization … [Read more...]

How to Select a Solid Webhost

If you’re looking for a new hosting account, you should know that not all hosting accounts are created equally. Depending on the company that you select and what package you opt for, the quality and feature-set of your hosting account can vary dramatically. Read the tips below to make sure that the hosting package that you select will meet your … [Read more...]

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Everyone is searching around for ways to save more money. Statistics show that drivers pick a car insurance company and remain loyal to them for years. However, remaining loyal doesn’t mean that the car insurance policy will become more affordable over time. When people become more passionate about trimming monthly expenses, they may start by … [Read more...]

Facebook Goes Live with Bookmark Prompt

A couple of months ago, Facebook announced some ambitious changes to their API. We're now starting to see some of the first of the newly announced features be released into the wild. A couple of weeks ago, Facebook added the ability for developers to ask prompt to bookmark their application. Previously, users were only able to add bookmarks using … [Read more...]

How to Build a Code Igniter Development and Testing Environment on Windows

I've been playing around with the Code Igniter Framework for PHP over the last couple of weeks, primarily because Net Tuts has a series of 6 high-quality screencasts showing off some basic functionality of the framework. Essentially, Code Igniter provides some additional functionality and provides a standardized means of creating pages and methods … [Read more...]